Transport bosses have warned drivers they could be penalised for painting colourful logos on their vehicles without proper authorisation.



The Transport Control Department (TCD) has launched a review of the current policy that allows for a company’s branded logo to appear on one panel of each side of the vehicle.


A TCD spokeswoman told The Royal Gazette that “enforcement” measures could be taken for those who do not comply with the current rules and seek permission first.


She added: “TCD is aware that there are vehicles on the road with wrapping or extended branded logos, that do not have TCD approval.


“This would be vehicles with the sides or the entire vehicle wrapped with art design.


“Some have even gone as far as advertising their services.


“They remove the wrapping for testing and have it reinstalled after the test.”


The rules controlling the colours and sizes of vehicle lettering is governed by The Motor Car (Control of Design, Colour and Advertising Matter) Regulations 1952.


The regulations also makes provision for diagrams or trademarks and logos on vehicles.


Section 7(3) of the Regulation state: “Except with the approval in writing of the Minister, no writing, drawing or any device whatever shall extend beyond the front door of any restricted motor car — this would be trucks, buses, instructional vehicles — or of any trailer in the direction of the front of such motor car or trailer, and no slogans may be painted, printed or affixed to any part of such motor car or trailer.”


The TCD spokeswoman added: ”The policy has been that permission has been granted for a company’s branded logo on only one panel of each side of a vehicle.


“Unfortunately, companies that know or do not know the restrictions, take the liberty of installing artwork without seeking permission.


“The process is very easy — they take the risk of installing and then having to remove it if caught.


“We are currently reviewing the matter with a view to raising awareness and then enforcement for those that do not comply.”

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